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At Pest Control Davis, we take pride in protecting the local residents of Davis from bed bugs. It would appear that Davis bed bug invasions are on the rise. No one knows for sure why the spike of bed bugs has occurred, but the most common explanations include increased international traveling, the swapping of second-hand items, not to mention the close proximity of living quarters.

We can’t think of anyone who doesn’t mind bed bugs within their house. They are among the pest invaders that you cannot expect to go away on their own. While you’re asleep, bed bugs come out to feed on you. Bed bugs use a part of their mouth to pierce human skin. How does it do this? With a stylet that has very small teeth to penetrate through your skin to find blood vessels in order to feast on them. A bed bug will typically feed for up to five minutes before retreating to its hiding spot. The region where bed bugs have fed will most likely swell and itch.

It’s generally challenging to identify Davis bed bugs. Not only are bed bugs nocturnal, but they’re also little and very adept at hiding in small, not so easily noticeable areas. In many cases, people don’t even know they have bed bugs until they have been attacked during their sleep. Also, if you notice blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, you need to call us right away. Once you think it is possible that you might have bed bugs you shouldn’t continue to sleep in your house until it’s been taken care of.

You should call our Davis bed bugs experts if you worry that you have a bed bug problem. If you would like the best bed bugs treatment in Davis, then you definitely should call Pest Control Davis today at 530-723-1449. We look forward to your call and providing any assistance we can.

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